Mike Galam

Since arriving in California at age 22, Michael Galam has engaged in a number of entrepreneurial endeavors, founding a variety of companies in a range of sectors. In his most recent venture, he joined with accomplished talent agent Zachary Solov to form ZGroup LLC, which manages entertainment and business professionals, including athletes, and offers brand marketing, event sponsorship opportunities, and social media campaigns. Also known as Michael Amos Galam or Mike Galam, the California businessman owns the gentlemen’s clubs Bare Elegance Los Angeles and Bare Elegance Valley in North Hills. Through these clubs he supports community events, including the Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Michael Galam grew up in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, where he began working in a grocery store at the age of 14. While still a teenager, Mr. Galam joined DKP Productions in Buffalo Grove, where he managed rock bands, including Tommy Gun, which went on to sign a deal with MCA Records. When Michael Amos Galam relocated to Los Angeles, he continued to manage Tommy Gun as an individual and later founded Load Rock n Roll, a moving and storage firm that expanded to 35 vans covering Los Angeles, Inglewood, Hollywood, and Long Beach. Other Mike A. Galam ventures include Monopoly Properties, a commercial land and property investment and management firm, and MGM Equipment Leasing LLC, a mining operation concentrating on gypsum.

Mike Galam earned a commendation in 2007 for providing the closed-circuit technology that enabled school police to apprehend a janitorial burglar who had been stealing items for 10 years. He also supports the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the YMCA, and local law enforcement. Outside of his various business and community service endeavors, Michael Galam appreciates taking his boat out on day trips. He also enjoys global travel.

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